Jumptown Jam

'Put some Jam on it!'


We will be offering two workshop streams: Intermediate and Advanced.


This stream is aimed at intermediate dancers who attend a level 2 or 3 class or equivalent in your local scene. You can dance 8-beat lindy hop and 6-beat swing and charleston comfortably. You have a range of classic steps, variations and are working on your musicality.  This level will focus on using your body and movement to lead and follow, and develop your technical ability further to go the next level in your social dancing while adding style and confidence.


Aimed at advanced dancers at a level 3 or 4 and above. You can grasp footwork variations and work them into your social dancing. You can dance at a range of tempo’s. This stream is also for lindy hoppers who are totally hooked – experienced social dancers and or performers, competitors or teachers who have completed workshops and exchanges at a similar level in Australia and/or overseas with a good understanding of your body movement. You can achieve the material that is taught in your local Advanced or level 3/4 classes. This level will focus on pushing your dancing out of your comfort zone.

Choosing the Right Stream

In past years we have always done level auditions for the Advanced stream to ensure the level is right for everyone.There are always challenges getting the mix just right in workshop situations.
This year there will be no level audition.  So to make this work we ask you please choose your stream carefully and don’t try and jump up a level to be with your friends or someone that you think you might be dancing better than.  To get the most of a workshop weekend like this it is important you stay true to yourself and your ability and be fair to other people in your class – so don’t worry about what others are doing. The teachers may ask you to move levels so please be respectful towards them. They are all regular teachers from beginner/intermediate to advanced plus in their home scenes and want to ensure you to get the most out of the workshops.
If you are unsure which level is best for you, email us at jumptownjam@jumptown.org

Workshop Venues

All workshops will be held in the Inner North of Canberra across two venues.  The Canberra City Bandroom and the Folk Dance Canberra Hall are about a five minute drive apart.  Both venues have nice spaces and grounds for breaks and lunches. They are within walking distance to local shops (IGA supermarket and cafés), or the nearby Dickson shops with lots of options, are a 3-5 minute drive away.
  •  Canberra City Bandroom (Canberra Technology Park Grounds)

49 Phillip Avenue, Watson ACT

  •  Folk Dance Canberra (Follow the signs when you get close)

114 Maitland Street, Hackett ACT


Workshop Schedule and Registration

The workshop schedule will start on Friday night  at 6pm and you can get your registration sorted out and pick up your wristband for the weekend before the 6:30 to 7:30pm taster class with Jarrod Bates and Kathryn Kelly (Melbourne) which will show you what’s in store over the weekend. This will be followed by a Frankie’s Favourites class at 7:30 to 8:30pm with Peter and Naomi, and then an evening of social dancing.
Saturday and Sunday morning classes start at 9:15 to 10:45am with 1.5hrs of Solo Jazz with Kathryn Kelly (Melbourne). Tickets for the Solo Jazz are available as individual sessions or both sessions. Note that Solo Jazz classes are included in your Gold, Silver and Workshop Passes.
The Solo Jazz will be followed by 4.5hrs of Lindy Hop classes with Noni Healy and Jarrod Bates (Melbourne) and Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama (USA) on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11:00am to 5pm both days.  These classes will go for an hour and a half each with three sessions each day.  These sessions will be stream classes alternating the teaching couples each session.
Workshop Registration/check-in will be each morning at 10:00 to 10:45 at the Canberra City Band venue in Watson.This will give you enough time to still go across to the Folk Hall if that’s where your Stream class is that day.  You will be able to buy solo jazz, workshop and social passes/tickets at this time each morning.
Solo Jazz registration/check-in will be each morning at 9:00 to 9:15am at the Folk Hall venue.
   Workshop Program